Human & Species are Loosing their Fertility’s due to Air & Noise Pollution.

Human made with the development of urbanites own and other species lifestyles at risk.

Lets go in depth with this topic.
Human made development for himself no doubt.But along with development human created crisis too for the nature and himself. As the advance technology is growing so fast by human.But its damaging own human health like fertility and reproductive system. Along with human health, nature and other species of the planet earth decreasing due to the noise pollution and air pollution.The air which we are inhaling these days in urban areas contains more sulphur dioxide, micro plastic and carbon monoxide which cause lungs cancer, low metabolism and organs doesn’t function well and daily machinery noise shutting down human endorphin hormones, Endorphin hormones keeps human stress free and Human respiratory system is getting weaker due to plastic & air pollution and the noise pollution is building more stress and depression. Low metabolism does not absorb the nutrition in human body.The more in human body nutrition is low and the deficiencies of vitamins the more health issues like specially these days diabetes, hormonal imbalance and women’s are not able to deliver their babies without C-section.This is the reason why human has fertility’s issues these days more. In the same way other species also has fertility issues too.As mostly other species they attract their partners only through their some specific sounds. But due to the noise pollution these species are not able to attract their partners anymore.Everyday too much honking, drilling etc noise disturb the human brain and species life cycles as well. Human has only potential to handle the noise maximum 160 decimetre and for human healthy noise is 30 decimetre.More than 30 to 50 decimetre noise is dangerous for human brain and health. Just imagine for other species how much they get disturb and loosing their fertility along with their habitats.

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