The Urban areas made Trees Depressed & Exhausted.

The more human these days going with advance development.The more nature and all living beings around us getting disturb. Which is the sign that human life is at high risk. Urbanism building more stress in nature and in other species too. Like in the urban areas mostly trees are exposed under the electric light.As trees with the man made electricity light in the night time the trees are lowing their metabolism and with the low metabolism of trees.The trees are not enough healthy to absorb the poisonous gases like CO2, Carbon Monoxides, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitric oxide. So the tree in this condition release the low quality of Oxygen. The more low oxygen level in the human body the more higher chance of infections, cancer, cardiac arrest, skin cancer, lungs cancer and the brain start to build with low oxygen level depression and anxiety.Due to massive amounts of carbon dioxide pollution and other dangerous gases the human in urban areas facing more in daily life health issues. The experiment once you goes out of the cities and non human touched forest. You will face the different type of frequency and peaceful energy due to high amount of high quality of oxygen which goes in the body through eyes and nostrils and it calms the nervous system along with the well blood flow in 350,000 pulse.The organs functions well and the body release endorphin hormone’s. Activeness of Endorphin hormone’s leads human towards the disease free life. This is the reason that human in urban areas what giving to the urban trees and nature. The nature and trees are giving back to human the same. The exchange of nature & trees will go on towards human and the human will suffer with diseases.

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