Indoor Heavy Intense Physical Training with Louder Music can lead you towards Cardiac Arrest and the Depression.

People think indoor hitting the gym with louder music and consuming on high level amino acids keeps them fit. But its not. Lets go in the depth.

Amino Acids has benefits too and it may can lead you to cardiac arrest as well.Usually people consume the amino acids in many different ways these days to get the results of lean body, weight loss and for the instant energy. Amino Acids these days are in consuming like Arginine, Creatine, Glutamine, Histidine etc. People consume it as a supplement pre workout these days to get results faster and to do intense exercise, cardio and weight lifting. All these substance and heavy dose of caffein pumps the blood on higher level in the pulse than normal so you can lift heavy objects easily. But the heavy dose of amino acids usually during the heavy weight lifting makes heart rate faster than normal. A healthy person heart rate during the physical workout 145 -150 is ok.But after pre workout during the intense weight lifting training or cardio heart rate goes to 170 to 185 which is enough to get heart failure and heartburn. Along with high dose of amino acids you are inhaling carbon dioxide in the indoor higher intensity cardio or weight lifts .With any intense exercise or heavy weights your respiratory system and tissues always need fresh oxygen to concentrate in the muscle tissues to avoid the health crisis.
3rd these days people are adding on extra louder music in the gym during their heavy weight lifts and cardio exercises. Gym these days full of louder music with noise pollution making people depressed and impatience.As human ears has the potential to listen any sound or music in healthier way with consistency maximum 60 to 70 decimetre.But these days gym and used of earphones with high volume in the gym noise going on more than 120 to 140 decimetre which can lead human brain towards damage and depression.These days three major component which human consuming are carbon dioxide, heavy dose of amino acids and high noise pollution.With these three cause human health can not be sustainable and easily can be trapped in the cardiac arrest and nervous system damage. During any exercise we always need fresh oxygen to make our tissues and lungs healthier. We need healthier sound for our brain to function it well. Be conscious what you do and why you do.

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