Let’s Understand Our Universe & Black Hole Theory. Through The Spider and her Web.

Let’s understand our Universe & The Black Hole Theory.Through The Spider and Her Web.

As we know our Physics & Quantum theory is all about Energy. The Energy sources are Electron, Proton and Neutron. As many scientists tried to reach in the depth of Quantum Theory to understand the Universe.As till now no one could understand the depth of Universe depth and The Mystery of Black Holes.After researching Indian Ancient Vedas.The concept of Indian Ancient Vedas about the Universe how it works. First is the Creation then 2nd is the Preservation and 3rd is the Destruction.In the modern science Quantum Theory has also three powers. Which are the Electron’s, Proton’s and Neutron’s. Lets understand what is the Black Hole in the Universe.Just Imagine The Spider is the Black Hole and Our Universe is the Web of Spider.As like the Spider creates her Web by taking help other objects to trap the insects and flies to eat them. Likewise The Black Hole also creates.As The Black Hole with the gravity force attracts more particles and other heavy objects.Due to heavy force of The Gravitational Pull around the Black Hole are more gases, more heat and more energy waves.As the size of Black Hole is 10 times bigger than our Sun.Always there is a force behind of The Creation, The Preservation’s and The Destruction’s . Like this Spider as you can see in this Figure taking support from the heavy objects to hold the web and the spider making herself lighter too against the gravitational force to hold herself on her spiral web to trap the insects and other flies.Our universe is endless and our universe is held by many Black Holes.And these Black Holes are holding many planets in the space like this Spider Web.These Black Holes which are completely endless and no one couldn’t reach to them yet.We only can see the Black Hole through the waves only. According to my research The Black Holes are feeding the planets with the Energy of Preservation. As we all are Energy and works together in Entanglement way.The whole Universe also working in Entanglements and we all are connected with each other through the energy.Like the Spider eats her whole web after the preservation of many days.The Black Hole or the Big Bang also in the end all the spirals of the Universe and again the whole process starts of The Creation’s , The Preservation’s and The Destruction’s.

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