Now We Are In The Era Of Global Boiling.There Is No More Era Of Global Warming.

Now we reached in the era of Global Boiling. There is no Era of Global Warming anymore. The United Nations General Secretary announced after observing the July month was the most hottest month in the records. According to my research next four years are going to be more worse with the drinking Water crisis, The Food crisis, The Atmosphere Crisis, and the massive Climate crisis. Human is the one who caused everything and this planet made more exhausted with fossil fuel pollution and carbon emissions.We are going to face massive crisis soon according to today’s situation of the Atmospheric layer. Greenhouse gases, Fossil Fuel burn, and the Plastic Pollution brought for us and for the Planet Earth to face the biggest Climate Catastrophe.The Gases like carbon dioxide , Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitric Dioxide in the Atmosphere makes everyday a big layer and arrests the Sun heat on the Earth surface.Due to thickness of these dangerous gases layer in the atmosphere and the Greenhouses on the Earth surface arresting and releasing more heat.The forests are chopped down.The newly constructed buildings are arresting more Sun heat and the lack of Trees the Photosynthesis process is working only 20% out of 100%. Along with Noise Pollution, Plastic Pollution and Atmospheric Pollution these three main cause are to boil our Planet Earth. As these three major cause of pollution arresting the Sun heat on massive level. Now in the next five years we will be with the Major health issues as the micro plastic in the Air, Food and Water will be on massive level and it will be accumulate in the human muscles and tissues. We can not avoid it even if we want to.We human exhausted the Planet Earth and we did not realise that we exist here due to Planet Earth. We are connected with each other. We have to be selfless now with solidarity to avoid the further more climate crisis.Thats the only solution.Otherwise we are standing on the Verge of ruin.Global Warming was there enough threat for human and we ignored it. Now its declared already Global Boiling. Time to #ActNow

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