Developed Countries and Their Greenhouse Gases are The Biggest Cause Of Climate Catastrophe and The Carbon Emissions.

According to research and national measures on the Greenhouse gases emissions are released by the most developed countries. These countries are like USA, CANADA, CHINA and Europe.The more development the more produced emissions. As these countries are the most developed and producing the more emissions. The six harmful gases like CO2, CH4, N2O,HFCs, PFCs,SF6 are growing every year more and more. Due to deforestation the trees are not able to digest CO2. As a giant tree can digest more than 15 ton of CO2. The trees binds the soil by their roots and keeps the soil cooler which helps to keep the earth cool. The trees stops the soil erosion too by their roots.Which makes less chances of flooding and other catastrophic events.Due to high amount of these six harmful anthropogenic gases in the atmosphere and lack of trees the consequences of Climate change and other catastrophic issues are growing like the Earth temperature has now 1.5 degree grown. Which every year growing more and more and we are moving towards the catastrophic issues.As the most developed countries are affecting other developing countries too. These harmful gases are arresting the Sun heat and locking it on the Earth surface. Which causing to increase the temperature of the Earth. The more heat is accumulated in the Earth surface the more Glaciers will melt and will bring the floods, the Land erosion, the Sea water level rise and the Biodiversity loss. According to my research there are 18 trees in a person’s share to meet his oxygen requirement, but it is sad that now even 1 tree is not coming in the share of 18 people. I would like to suggest to reduce of harmful gases we should educate children in their schools from their teenage about the ecology and emissions.Its at most necessary to add on in the School education program from the 1st grade.So today’s children after learning the concept of environmental protection protection will build their future with sustainable development. Planting the trees more from now on we can turn the Earth temperature down and can make future sustainable.The heat waves due to greenhouse gases always runs towards the cold regions to make the temperature equal and this is the only reason why cooler places are getting more heat these days.As there is rule of hot energy to run towards always the cold side and this is how the most developed countries are releasing the heat and producing the Greenhouse gases.The tree plantation on the massive level and renewable energy that can bring some relief towards human and the Earth. Today’s the tree planting in the next 4 to 5 years can bring the massive change and we can stop all catastrophic events further.

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