Ocean Acidification & Its Impact on Marine Ecology. If You Are A Sea Food Lover, Is The Bicarbonate Acid Through Your Seafood Going Into Your Body. Let Me Take you to in Detail.

As in the Universe we are depend upon each other like human major food chain is depend on these five elements which are Air, Fire, Space, Water and Earth, Human accumulates and grows his food through these elements to survive.The more technology and development human doing the more human producing carbon dioxide (Co2) Everyday we are moving towards the worst side of destruction of our sustainable future. First of all lets talk about our atmosphere.As we made our atmosphere concentrated with full of harmful gases like Carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide etc. The Carbon dioxide and the Carbon monoxide are building massive Black carbon emission.This black carbon emission is building more factories, fossil fuel burning, agriculture and the deforestation. Through the rain this Co2 carbon emission goes straight to oceans.Its not just only the single use plastic which go through rivers flood in the oceans.The rain also takes all carbon dioxide emission in the oceans.As i am taking the help of the digram. When the Carbon dioxide (CO2) is mixed with Ocean water (H2O) Oceans has many water organism home and keep them safe with the Carbonate (CO3) But due to high concentration of the Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Oceans. CO2 + H2O+CO3 combination converts in the Bicarbonate (2HC03) (H+) Ion Which is completely increasing acidity for the Oceans. This Bicarbonate dissolves the process shell formation. The Carbonate is the source to build the shells formations in corals and other ocean species also accumulating the this acid too. Those species which comes to your plate in the form of seafood.Once the Bicarbonate goes in any organism body its dissolves the calcification from the body.Its not only the micro plastic coming to your plate throughout the food chain. Its Bicarbonate acid also going in the human body which is deforming the human and ocean species calcification too. So this is how we are connected and dependent upon each other. Your sea food may increase your sickness more. The osteoporosis and arthritis.If you think by eating seafood you can accumulate minerals and vitamins in your body that means you are completely wrong.You are just consuming the Bicarbonate Acid thats it nothing else.This is how we are killing our own health by spilling everywhere the Carbon dioxide (CO2) whatever we give to our nature it comes back to you through your five elements.So what are you giving to the nature?

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