Our Earth is in Endangered.The Use of Air Conditioners and The Use Of Water Proof Paint On The House Walls Are 50% Cause of Heat Waves and Floods. Which is going to blow the Planet Earth with Excessive Heat by The End of 21st of June 2031.

Did you know our houses walls paint traps the heat 25% from the Sunlight as these paints are made with the small molecules of plastic to make our houses walls water proof. Then we use Air Conditioners to keep our house cool & ourselves.The more we use Air Conditioners the more we release Chlorofluorocarbons and this Gas along with other Gases like Carbon dioxide goes with the heat pressure towards the Troposphere. As these gases are hot always and heat runs cold side always. The Atmosphere is cold and these hot gases becomes heat waves from the Earth surface which everyday we Human are creating.Due to our planet Earth rotation these gases gets mixed with Troposphere layers in Atmosphere. When the Atmospheric layers are hit by these hot gases that time mix of cold and hot air makes pressure in the Atmosphere and builds up the Jet Streams .These Jet streams in the atmosphere becomes very fast in the Meandering waves.The speed of these Jet Streams goes maximum of 400km per hour. The more heat we create on the Planet Earth the more we build these Jet Streams. In our upper troposphere these Jet Streams winds builds Air Current too. As the Earth is spinning and these Jet Streams blows always from the West to East. These Jet streams are the cause of Cyclone’s and makes the Weather unpredictable like Storms and other massive Disasters.These Jet Streams are the cause of expensive flight tickets. Specially when you travel from the East to West side.These Jet streams push back the Plane towards the East side from the West side. Due to the force of these Jet streams the Plane has to burn more fuel and gets slower down too from its regular speed.These Jet Streams can push away the plane back with the speed of 200km per hour and that’s how your flight tickets becomes very expensive from the East to West side. As Planes from East to West burns more Fossil fuel due to these Jet streams force and produce more carbon emissions and makes the Atmosphere more hotter than normal.This is how slowly slowly we are turning ourselves towards the Climate Crisis and entered in the Global Boiling Era from the Global Warming Era. The Sun only raise 0.001% his temperature on the Earth surface after 11 years in the month of June on 21st. But we human on the Earth surface raising the heat every day and disturbing our Northern Hemisphere to make it melt.Because heat always travel cold side and human made heat waves melting the Northern Hemisphere. The disturbance on the Northern Hemisphere by the Heat Waves bringing the Floods and Cyclones with more Disaster’s. According to my research and prediction by the end of 21st June 2031 the Earth can cross the current temperature from 1.5 degrees to 2 degrees celsius. Which is completely Hazardous for Human and other species and the Earth can be affected 50% to 60% with drought conditions along with more Carbon Dioxide and Chlorofluorocarbons. When these gases are concentrated in the human and other species muscles tissue. It will cause more respiratory issues and will deplete the Ozone layer too more faster. The Sun insolation toward the Earth surface will bring more Ultraviolet Radiation’s which gives the skin issues to Human and other Species. Please try to go with reuse and with the Sustainable energy’s. Try to avoid the Carbon Emissions and the Plastic use.

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