Anthropogenic Climate Change Have Impacted Hawks, Vultures and Many Other Birds.

Increase of the greenhouse gases in Atmosphere by Human activities is becoming Hazardous for Birds and Ozone sphere.Although without Greenhouse Gases there is no Human & Planet Earth life sustainability. We need on certain amount Greenhouse Gases on our Planet Earth to maintain the Temperature of Planet Earth. Without the Greenhouse Gases our Planet Earth would be freeze. But the Anthropogenic Climate Change & Increase of Greenhouse Gases becoming Hazardous now for the Planet Earth, Human & other Species. Three decades ago Hawks & Vultures used to roam freely in our Troposphere and was helping Earth Surface to Clean dead animals by eating them and Methane Gases weren’t spreading in the Atmosphere that much. As the Animals and Farming are the main source to increase the Methane Gas Emissions (CH4) In the past three decades other gases emissions also got increased like Hydrofluoric Carbon (HFC) Per-fluorocarbon (PFC) Sulphuric-hexafluoride (SF6) These most dangerous gases with (CO2) depleting the Ozone Layer. These Gases traps the Sun Heat and the temperature on the Earth Surface becomes very hot and it turns into the Heat Waves and Our Troposphere layer becomes more hot and more unstable. This Troposphere layer exist from 0-10 kilometres s above with a layer from the Earth Surface.Once this Troposphere layer is disturbed which is combination of many Gases then automatically Ozonosphere will start to be more unstable. That means we just simply taking the Human & Planet Earth’s life in hazardous way by giving the Skin and Lungs cancer and other Health Issues this is the main reason why Hawks & Vultures can’t survive in the unstable Troposphere layer these days. As Anthropogenic activities by Human Increasing only the Climate Crisis like the first thing is deforestation and the Planet Earth hasn’t support by Trees to make Photosynthesis to absorb at least Carbon dioxide (CO2) to avoid the Sun heat on the Earth surface. Like these days now we have entered in Global Boiling Era and we are not in Global Warming Era anymore. We are only the reason for Anthropogenic Climate Crisis and to Decrease the lives of many other birds too including Hawks & Vultures. As Hawks & Vultures in the sky shows us the safety and stability of the Troposphere Layer along with our Ozone sphere layer too. But these days we don’t see anymore Hawks & Vultures specially in Urban areas. Which means Human & Planet Earth life is on risk.

Lets Nourish Our Planet Earth Together Because the Climate Crisis in the next 10 years going to be worse.

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