The Micro Plastic is Playing a Big Role in Climate Tipping and to Build More Disease in The Human Body.Lets take a Look

As the Planet Earth is getting sick by consuming the Plastic day by day with the Human generated many hazardous wastes. One of them the Plastic Waste is nowadays the most dangerous waste which is spilled by Human on the Earth surface and in the Water bodies. Did you know that today we human has spread so much Plastic on the Earth that we can wrap our Planet Earth with Plastic four times. As the plastic holds its own CH2 and CH3 Gases and in the Landfill along with Water bodies the Plastic is trapping the heat from the Sun directly and releasing more gases & heat. The more plastic is in landfill the more heat is trapped. As the land gets fast heated than water bodies like ocean’s and rivers. Every year more and more In the Soil adulteration of Micro Plastic raising the Planet Earth temperature. Yes the plastic is trapping the sun heat more as we Human spilled all over the Earth the Plastic. Lack of Photosynthesis on the Planet Earth the Earth is not able to make itself cooler. This is the reason the Earth has high fever now and the Earth temperature is 1.5C. In next 10 years mid of 2031 we might rise the temperature and its going to be disaster for all living beings on the Planet Earth. The more temperature Planet Earth raise the more Human & Other living beings on Planet Earth will face the Health Issues and Incurable diseases. The Human body largest gland is skin which is going to be affected first with many issues like skin cancer and then respiratory infections. As the micro plastic is concentrated everywhere and in all living beings organs. The micro plastic with other hazardous gases in human organs are affecting babies in the mother womb. That is the reason these days new born babies taking birth along with many health issues and low antioxidants. The micro plastic is now out of human control. As the particles of plastic are in our atmosphere too which are helping to trap the heat as well and the Climate tipping along with human health are going on.The plastic pollution is playing the big role too boil the Planet Earth. Its time to Act Now with Solidarity to Nourish our Planet Earth.

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