Sitting for Long on the Computer May Cause You Colon & Lungs Cancer and Scoliosis. Lets Understand it Scientifically.

These days working on the computer by siting on the chair 7-8 hours everyday causing the health issues. As without the computer and phones human these days feels like handicapped. Without the Computer and Phones Human can’t survive and its taking Human health towards on the worse stage. Due to gravitational pull sitting on the chair for 2-3 hours with consistency the blood from the upper body gets collected in the legs and upper body along with organs gets dry.This is how organs start less functioning and metabolism gets slow down and the results due to poor blood circulation muscle and bones starts deformation. As the gastric acid on the intestine stops the food digestion process or it makes it very slow.The dryness on the colon means indigestion and more other gases like methane gas accumulation on the intestine and in entire body. You start feel constipated, bloated and acidic. With this all process the stool gets start to stuck on the colon walls then slowly slowly body lose all the nutrition from the body because the intestine and other organs are not functioning well due to no blood circulation in them. The dry stool on the colon builds more infections and makes body with low antioxidants. This is how colon starts building by itself cancer and along with this process the bones starts deformation. As sitting long in one position with stoop Thoracic spine and and Lumber spine gets weaker and takes the shape in tilting way which slowly becomes the scoliosis disease and it compresses the lungs as well and the bad spine posture at work on the computer don’t let you breathe proper and lungs becomes more weaker and starts to accumulate from the intestine gases. Due to less oxygen and proper blood circulation in the lungs.The lungs builds more mucus and other respiratory infections as well then it leads you toward lungs cancer slowly. Because low immune system and antioxidants along with stoop posture makes organs weak. Along with bad posture or tilted spine working on the computer this is how you build Diabetes, Colon Cancer, Heart Blockage and Spinal disease. Keep your organs wet through your blood circulation at work. Walking or Running isn’t the solution to make your organs wet through your blood which gets collected in the legs due to gravitational force. Sitting with the folding legs in Vajrasana and Malasana after 2 hours break from the computer work can help you to keep the intestine wet and organs will function well. Because these Yoga Asanas pumps the blood in your intestine immediately and makes your intestine wet as well to digest the food quickly.

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