This is How Your Hair Shampoo & Body Shower Soaps and Hand Sanitizer’s are Making you Sick Instead Making you Hygiene or Boosting Your Immune System. Let me Take You In Depth.

Our skin is the largest gland in our body. Our Skin is the home of countless of microorganism. These microorganism keeps us protected from the dangerous pathogens.The pathogens microbes are capable to kill us everyday by building cancers in our body or to make more sick. But here thanks to our which protect us from these dangerous pathogens microbes. Lets go in depth to understand how our skin which is the largest gland of our body and other glands protect us. Our skin all the time release sebum fluid which comes out through our skin from the sebaceous glands. This Sebum fluid nourish all the microorganism which protects us from the dangerous pathogens. The Sebaceous Glands produce many cells in the body. Like in the bone marrow has stem cells and these stem cells transforms in neutrophils cells. These Neutrophils are basically our immune cells. These neutrophils cells after their transformation some stays in bone marrow and some stays in blood stream and their work to eat all the dangerous pathogens microbes from the body which enters through the nose or mouth and stays mostly in the mucus and slowly from the mucus they start to kill our neutrophils
(Immune cells) Once these dangerous pathogens starts to expend in your body through your mucus and it start us to make us with high fever. This is how they start to kill our immune cells along with platelets and takes us towards death side. This is how on your body when you are applying on your body more chemicals like soaps, shampoos and other beauty products is washing out from your skin the sebum fluid which protect us from the sickness. Applying everyday chemicals on the skin or in your which makes weaker our neutrophil ( immune cells). As through our skin pores the chemical of your soaps, shampoos goes in our bone marrow and blood stream and these chemicals of your soap are enough to kill in our blood stream and bone marrow our immune cells. This is how we easily gets sick with the weather change. This is how we build asthmatic issues, tuberculosis, lungs cancer, colon cancers and blood cancers by killing our own neutrophils (immune cells) This is the reason why monkeys ,chimpanzees and other animals very rarely gets sicks due to no use of chemicals use on their body’s and with consistency animals usually try to build their neutrophils (immune cells) Staying in the more nature helps to boost the immune system.

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