How Ultra-Processed Food and Overeating is Slowly Killing you along with your Leptin Hormone and Resistance of the Insulin. Lets Understand that through the Diagram.

Let’s understand first what is Leptin?

The Leptin is in our body hormone. Which is made by Fat cells and goes to your brain and stops you to you ate enough food. Basically Leptin hormone gives the signal to your brain when you eat more than your need. These days human with food taste do mostly overheating with ultra-processed food. Like Ice cream. Chocolates and other processed food. After knowing that you are eating more than your need at one time that time your Leptin Hormone start gets the deficiency and stops the signal to brain. Once the Leptin Hormone stops working with deficiency then first thing your Insulin Resistance takes place. This is how we start to deposit the layer of fat body and turn ourselves in obesity. As in the Diagram you can see the Importance of the Leptin Hormone. How keeping the Leptin Hormone healthy without overeating and Ultra-processed food can keep your Heart, Pancreas ,Bones, High Blood Pressure, Brain, Reproductive system and the Immune cells very healthy.

As you can see in the Diagram the layer of the Fat which is accumulated around the belly area. This much fat everyday the person carry who has Trapped His/Her Leptin Hormone with Insulin resistance. This is how Insulin Resistance and Leptin hormone Resistance takes us towards the Type-2 Diabetes. The trap of your Leptin Hormone along with Insulin Resistance slowly slowly kills your immune system first then the organs. The deficiency of the Leptin Hormone leads human towards Dementia and starts to build the cancers cells in organs by killing our immune system. This how all Ultra-Processed food and Overeating slowing the Life down.

Stay Healthy and Enjoy your Food without Overeating and Ultra- Process. Keep doing exercise with Mindful nutrition and don’t let make the deficiency in your Leptin Hormone.

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