Under the Sunlight Energy Grown Food May Lower Your Health Issues and Can Build Your Longevity Than your Ultra Processed and Over Cooked Food.

As we all know on the Earth surface each and everyone getting the energy through the Sun. The Sun is the source of energy. The Trees without sunlight do not process for Photosynthesis.Each and every species required the Sunlight Energy to make synthesis. As theses days we are consuming fast food and packed food which are completely processed to keep it preserved. If you consuming preserved food more it may lead you with health issues and ages fast. Why and how preserved and over cooked food are killing you slowly slowly with many disease. 40-50 years ago we used to eat food direct from the farms. Those days food used to grown under the Sunlight Energy. The crop of grains, vegetables and fruits used to grown under the sunlight energy. The Sunlight energy used to preserve in the food, fruits and vegetables more fiber, vitamin-d-3 and other natural nutrition which is necessary for Human and animals body. Like the Fiber rich food keeps away human from the inflammation and heart related issues. Our muscle fibers and adipose tissues and ligaments can’t accept the ultra process food and over cooked food. As the preserved food, Ultra Processed food and Over cooked loose its all nutritional value and lefts only waste in the end. There is no fiber and other nutrients in your packed and ultra processed food it’s only making you sick. Likewise ourselves if we do not take Sunlight for longtime we starts our bones deformation and muscles weakness. Likewise the Sunlight charging each and everything on the planet earth surface. The food which is packed and preserved has nothing in it. Like all packed dairy products, all packed stuff or over cooked food. We are just stuffing our body with only waste. The food becomes poisonous with ultra process and over cooking .This is the reason how fast and mass production and packing of the food is killing and aging us faster. Eating non processed, preserved and over cooked food can keep you younger and disease free. As much as its possible avoid all packed dairy products which are completely poisonous and causing more gut health issues, colon cancer, heart issues and diabetes.As consumption of these all dairy products slow downs your metabolism and builds more methane gas which is enough to rupture the arteries and tissues of the heart. Once you start consuming dairy products that means we stop the absorb of the other food nutrition in our body. So keep taking conscious meal which is energized with the Sunlight energy and Non Processed.

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