AI can make in few years Water & Climate Crisis Globally.

AI the new exciting technology is revolutionary. It may be improving economies and industries around the world. But the same AI technology damaging the Environment & Climate. How? Let’s get everything in detail. AI technology is really a big threat to the Environment. AI systems require an enormous amount of energy and water, and consumption is expanding quickly. Estimates suggest a doubling in 5-10 years. As more data facilities are expected to open the more AI (Artificial Intelligence) consumption of Water a growing concern these days. High Power computer required more water to keep it cool down. If one hundred million users talk on ChatGPT the Chatbot would consume 50000 cubic meters of water. The High-Power Computer Data Centers need massive amount of energy and to cool down the equipment. AI tools use staggering amount of water and eats more electricity. The water consumption of AI tools to keep it cool down is very shocking and it can lead world towards the water crisis more. The more energy consumption means more Climate crisis.

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