Dr. Amit

Dr. Amit is the founder and chairperson of Kosha Foundation (Trust) and Nourish Planet ( Environment & Climate Research Institute) (KECRI) he is a Yogi, Spiritual Practitioner, and Environment & Climate Researcher. Dr. Amit teaches Yoga in many Corporate MNC Companies in Gurugram and all over India. He believes that the real meaning of Yoga is when the Environment is not polluted and you can breathe without Carbon Emissions. These days we don’t have pure Oxygen and Water. Every as we use plastic and fossil fuels which kills Planet Earth and human health along with other species. So he devoted his life to Environment & Climate Research to make sustainable development to save planet Earth. So in the future, we can avoid the Climate Crisis and water and Air pollution. Without nature and planet Earth’s health, we can not live a healthy and sustainable life. Let’s save the Planet Earth by planting trees as much as we can. Because there is no Planet B. It’s time to act now. #Oneearthonelife